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Jilin City, Jilin Songhua River side of building

The Velocity of Value - Analytics

Companies that are content to run in place rarely are rewarded by either customers or shareholders. So it’s no wonder that 90% of the senior finance executives surveyed by CFO Research* say that their companies are not content to stand pat, and are seeking to become more profitable next year than this year. But, given the reluctance of most firms … Lees meer »

China - Martial Arts School

Driving Profitable Growth with the Story Behind the Numbers - Analytics

It is becoming clearer and clearer that a finance function adds the most value to an enterprise when it looks forward rather than backward. A recent survey* of senior finance executives by CFO Research found that finance executives believe line-of-business managers have no trouble accessing critical data, but they need to work closely with their colleagues in finance to derive … Lees meer »