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Construction Workers on Roof

Transforming your business by using Value First principle - Platform

Many companies I engage with crave innovations, which can deliver immediate value without having to wait for the complete transformation of their underlying IT landscape. However for years traditional IT thinking has been to consolidate the core and obtain consistent master data across the different systems, as a prerequisite for more innovative business solutions. Through the implementation of the HANA … Lees meer »

Electronics assembly

Digital transformation: is your industry already impacted? - Sector

I recently attended the SAPience User Day, an annual event of SAPience, the Belgian SAP user group. The theme of the day was ‘Think hard, START SIMPLE’ and the agenda was packed with remarkable customer testimonials, intermixed with SAP presentations on how our solutions such as S/4HANA, Simple Finance, SAP Business Networks and SAP’s customer engagement and commerce offering, can … Lees meer »