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Have you been amazed by The SAP Run Simple Truck during its BeLux Roadtrip? - Analytics Platform

“Simplicity is the shortest path to a solution”, quoted Mr. Ward Cunningham, inventor of the first Wiki. Just think about it! And this is exactly the path that SAP is choosing with our “Run Simple” strategy. Simplicity is the design principle of SAP’s next generation business suite S/4 HANA. To bring this message to our customers and show which opportunities … Lees meer »

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The art of visualizing visualizations: a best practice guide - Analytics

Self-service BI tools are a big hit and they permanently changed the business intelligence landscape. The ease of use, performance and agility towards ever changing data structures, while respecting data governance, are just overwhelmingly appreciated by users. With the capabilities of the self-service tools to quickly create inherently advanced analyses and visualizations, our topic of the ‘art of visualizing visualizations’ … Lees meer »

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Digital Innovation in Banking and Insurance: Challenges and Routes - Sector

Digital banking and insurance means more than just going paperless. Most great companies are already offering a new and improved customer experience and delivering faster and more efficient services. Digital banking has been around for years, with many experts calling it the cure for the shattered banking industry after the recent financial crisis. And they may be right indeed. However, … Lees meer »

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“Brothers in Arms”: Big Data & Analytics at the BA4ALL Summit - Analytics

The Survey on the Big Data & Analytics summit by BA4ALL quotes: “34% of company’s take day to day strategic decisions based on data and analysis …… an additional 28% state data and analysis form the basis for any decision taking”. Intriguing figures that triggered BA4ALL to further explore Big Data and Analytics on their summit on May 19th. Over 190 … Lees meer »


The Future of Finance is Now! See the most important SAPPHIRE ever for Finance professionals! - Analytics

    With over 350 sessions related to the Finance audience and Line of Business this is shaping up to be the most important, informative and comprehensive SAPPHIRENOW ever for finance professionals.  2015 will be our biggest presence ever showcasing how SAP Simple Finance and our entire Financial Management solution portfolio is enabling our customers on their transformation journey to … Lees meer »


BIMAC’s Controllers’ Day 2015 - Analytics

It was still early in the morning when I arrived at the Vlerick campus in the centre of Brussels on March 30. Everyone was getting ready for BIMAC’s Controllers’ Day. Centred around the theme of `The digital controller’, the event featured an international keynote speaker, an interactive panel debate and business cases highlighting the importance of ‘digital’ in a controller’s … Lees meer »


Let’s dream of a Belgian push towards the data driven economy - Platform

On March 26 was Belgian’s Data Innovation week with on one side the 2nd Annual European Data Economy Conference of Forum Europe and one day later the Data Innovation Summit organized by During that last one, I personally had the chance to present some very well received and inspiring Internet of Things customer cases.       Among them:   … Lees meer »


Why nominate a project for the SAP Quality Awards? - General

    Since 2005, the SAP Quality Awards have been recognizing SAP customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa who have unremittingly focused on quality during their SAP implementation project and have achieved great business value thanks to effective planning and painstaking execution.       Why would a company enter for the SAP Quality Awards?   If successful, … Lees meer »

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Transforming your business by using Value First principle - Platform

Many companies I engage with crave innovations, which can deliver immediate value without having to wait for the complete transformation of their underlying IT landscape. However for years traditional IT thinking has been to consolidate the core and obtain consistent master data across the different systems, as a prerequisite for more innovative business solutions. Through the implementation of the HANA … Lees meer »

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Digital transformation: is your industry already impacted? - Sector

I recently attended the SAPience User Day, an annual event of SAPience, the Belgian SAP user group. The theme of the day was ‘Think hard, START SIMPLE’ and the agenda was packed with remarkable customer testimonials, intermixed with SAP presentations on how our solutions such as S/4HANA, Simple Finance, SAP Business Networks and SAP’s customer engagement and commerce offering, can … Lees meer »