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Why are companies reluctant to analyze and measure their data quality? - Analytics

Data is the core of any application. Without data, no applications. Without good data, no good applications. Good data determines the rate at which the heart can beat. Any kind of data that is lacking, of poor quality or simply occurs twice in the system can be missed just as easily as cardiac arrhythmias. That’s because any kind of bad … Lees meer »

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Entering into the 4th industrial revolution: Internet of Things paving the way for new business models and customer’s experience! - Future of Work

Today’s world is changing fast. People today spend a considerable amount of time on the internet and are constantly connected via social media. By 2020 around 4 billion people will be connected to the internet and interacting with each other.* Not only people, but also billions of devices are already connected to the internet. And with devices, we refer to … Lees meer »

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The Velocity of Value - Analytics

Companies that are content to run in place rarely are rewarded by either customers or shareholders. So it’s no wonder that 90% of the senior finance executives surveyed by CFO Research* say that their companies are not content to stand pat, and are seeking to become more profitable next year than this year. But, given the reluctance of most firms … Lees meer »

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Driving Profitable Growth with the Story Behind the Numbers - Analytics

It is becoming clearer and clearer that a finance function adds the most value to an enterprise when it looks forward rather than backward. A recent survey* of senior finance executives by CFO Research found that finance executives believe line-of-business managers have no trouble accessing critical data, but they need to work closely with their colleagues in finance to derive … Lees meer »