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Innovation and Digital Transformation @ The SAP Run Simple Truck - Analytics Platform

SAP BeLux hosted from 9th till 12th June the European SAP Run Simple Tour. The tour featured a big truck with stops in Luxembourg, Brussels and Gent inviting our customers to take a closer look into SAP’s innovations of today and the future. “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” (Henry Ford) … Lees meer »


Have you been amazed by The SAP Run Simple Truck during its BeLux Roadtrip? - Analytics Platform

“Simplicity is the shortest path to a solution”, quoted Mr. Ward Cunningham, inventor of the first Wiki. Just think about it! And this is exactly the path that SAP is choosing with our “Run Simple” strategy. Simplicity is the design principle of SAP’s next generation business suite S/4 HANA. To bring this message to our customers and show which opportunities … Lees meer »


Let’s dream of a Belgian push towards the data driven economy - Platform

On March 26 was Belgian’s Data Innovation week with on one side the 2nd Annual European Data Economy Conference of Forum Europe and one day later the Data Innovation Summit organized by During that last one, I personally had the chance to present some very well received and inspiring Internet of Things customer cases.       Among them:   … Lees meer »

Construction Workers on Roof

Transforming your business by using Value First principle - Platform

Many companies I engage with crave innovations, which can deliver immediate value without having to wait for the complete transformation of their underlying IT landscape. However for years traditional IT thinking has been to consolidate the core and obtain consistent master data across the different systems, as a prerequisite for more innovative business solutions. Through the implementation of the HANA … Lees meer »